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Open To Possibilities: Children's Picture Book
  • Open To Possibilities: Children's Picture Book
  • Open To Possibilities: Children's Picture Book

 A 40 page paperback picture book about joy, the law of attraction, and the art of allowing. Written and illustrated by Laura Koniver, MD.

Jake loves his little home, but lately, he's become bored. A day outside shows him how fun the world can be, yet at night he decides to return to the safety of his cage. With a new perspective, he suddenly realizes that anything is possible, no mater where he is.  What used to be a restriction now becomes a sanctuary, a place he can enjoy watching his desires manifest... and all it takes it a change in the way he directs his attention.

Rich with emotion, this book allows readers to see how a simple shift in outlook, with a focus on gratitude and joy, can make the difference between living life in a cage or in a sanctuary.
 xoxo, Laura

book reviews:

"Jake, A Guinea Pig Finds Adventure is a sweet story with a powerful message. In the beginning of the story, Jake feels a sense of lack in his life, but soon realizes that he was living his dreams all along! When he begins focusing on what he has, rather then what he is missing, his reality changes... and the reader is along for the journey of seeing abundance everywhere!" - Dayna Martin, author, "Radical Unschooling: A Revolution Has Begun."



"Oh, I just love this book! There are so few books out there that teach children the tenets of Law of Attraction and how to find happiness right where you are... but this book definitely does! The story is precious with funny and bright little animal characters, and the lesson it teaches is so simple and true. The illustrations are darling and happy. I will give this as a gift to any child I know."



"We all love the beautiful illustrations and inspiring story! My 3 year old daughter and 8 year old son have each declared this book to be their favorite. They ask to read it often and I'm thankful for that. I know that they hear and believe the message that happiness can meet you right where you are... and I want them to remember that always. To be perfectly honest, I appreciate the reminder for myself. I truly believe this is a book everyone (adults and children) should read!"


"There are many books out there that celebrate learning about the world from a parent's point of view, but there are few that celebrate that joy from the child's perspective. This theme of discovering the world from inside a cage sets this beautiful book apart from the rest. The story is simple, Jake sees what the world outside his cage is like but decides it's better inside. It's all very straightforward and the message of love and home is powerful. "


"Jake, A Guinea Pig Finds Adventure is a beautifully illustrated book with a compelling message that relays a positive life's lesson to the youngest or oldest of its readers. Poor Jake is feeling a little out of sorts in the beginning of the story but soon comes to realize he didn't have it so bad after all. He starts to be happy for the things he had and not complaining about the things he didn't and he begins to see that he really does have a powerful and happy life. A great life lesson for the young one in your life, or as a reminder to yourself to stay positive. I bought one for my 3 year old nephew... as well as myself, and we both are in now in love with this adorable character with a powerful story to tell! "

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