Grounding & Healing Tools For the Electrosensitive

The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)
  • The Earth Prescription, signed by Dr. Koniver (author)

Do you have any questions about grounding?

  • Want to know how to ground outside when it's too hot, too cold, when there is no safe grass or wooded areas near you, or how to ground if you live in a city?
  • Have questions about how long to ground, how you can make grounding more powerful, how to ground no matter what the season?  
  • Or maybe you just want some fresh fun new ideas instead of the same old same old "go barefoot" advice?

I've got you!

This hands-on guide will help you deepen your innate bond with nature and feel more centered, focused, creative, and vibrantly alive on every level.

Many of us spend the majority of our days indoors, trapped in our own heads, addicted to our screens and online connections, and feeling more and more disconnected to our own bodies—and the planet—than ever before.

Intuitively, we know that even a five-minute walk outdoors can calm us and awaken our senses, but we tell ourselves we don’t have time, or we can’t seem to make the time.

In The Earth Prescription, holistic physician Laura Koniver, MD, offers the ideal antidote to the toxicity of a life isolated from nature—grounding, or directly touching the earth to heal your body and rejuvenate your sense of total well-being.  

This simple activity allows you to reap incredible benefits —which include reducing depression, lowering blood pressure, curbing stress, and increasing happiness.

With this practical and uplifting guide, you’ll learn how to incorporate the practice of grounding anytime, anywhere, and find tips for including kids or your favorite pet.

Also included is an “earth journal”  (that you can print directly from New Harbinger's website) to log your experiences and positive results, four audio grounding meditations to listen to any time, as well as a troubleshooting guide to help ensure that you stay grounded in every season—despite the weather!  

This book has everything you need to enjoy the healing energy of nature any time, any where.  Going way past other grounding books that dryly review the medical literature or give you story after story on anecdotal reports on grounding, this book will fill your mind, heart and spirit with exciting ideas on how to get grounded to support your health goals best, whether you want to sleep better, get more energy, feel more spiritually connected or even boost your creativity.  

My goal in writing this book is to get you aching to go outside and to inspire you with hundreds of ideas on what to do once you get there. 

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Also available in three other languages:

Japanese Edition

Korean Edition

Russian Edition

xoxox, Laura Koniver, M.D.

PS -- giving this as a gift?  

Bundle it with the Grounding Health & Wellness Journal at a special price.  


"The Earth Prescription is a game changer.  It is precisely the medicine our planet, our bodies, minds and spirits are longing for at this time in history."  

 - Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of Goddesses Never Age, The Wisdom of Menopause, and Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. 

“At last, a clearly written explanation of Earthing and its benefits. Dr. Koniver has nailed it with this well-researched publication.”  

- Dr. Emil DeToffol, DDS, founder of Less EMF Inc., specializing on the impact of, and remedies for, electromagnetic exposure.

"This is the book we need right now.  If you’re longing to connect with the greatest source of healing there is, Dr.Koniver’s wise and accessible book provides everything you’ll need to heal yourself and your family."

        - Dr. Sarah Seidelmann, M.D., Author of Swimming with Elephants

"Dr Laura Koniver has done a great service to humanity by sharing this beautiful, scientifically referenced, and immensely practical guide."  

- Richard Henry Whitehurst, DipCH, DipAH, CMAHA, HMCT  – psychotherapist and founder/director of The Overview Institute of Australia and The Planetary Human Initiative. 

"The Earth Prescription provides quick, often fun, seasonal activities to connect to the earth's healing energy every day. Thank you, Dr. Koniver, for giving me the how-to's I’d been seeking!" 

Cece Doucette, MTPW, Education Services Director for the international non-profit Wireless Education

"This engaging, inspiring and incredibly practical guide about how to get grounded is a priceless gift.  The Earth Prescription is a must read."  

- Sharon Whiteley, coauthor of Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health Through Grounding and co'founder of HARMONY 783

"The joy of a loving connection to Earth, nature and other human beings is palpable through the pages. This book will leave you feeling nourished on all levels, much like the Earth itself."

         - Dr. Tatiana Kassessinoff PhD, ClHyp. Founder and host of London Heal.

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