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Thyroid Shield -- neck protection on the go
  • Thyroid Shield -- neck protection on the go

This is a very unique item -- a neck warmer that can be used to protect your thyroid from 360 degrees all the way around your neck, as well as can be slipped up to cover chin/mouth/nose when it's cold outside, or even worn as a headband to protect brain/forehead/ears.

In a day and age where we are constantly bombarded by thyroid toxic chemicals, inhalants and radiation exposures, many of us have some form of thyroid disorder.

Until now, there was no way to stylishly protect your thyroid from environmental exposures but with this new neck shield, you'll know that as you are walking around town, traveling through airports and airplanes, passing countless cell phone towers and wifi hot spots, at least your thyroid will not be harmed.

Highly recommended for those with any type of clinical or subclinical thyroid disease, those with a family history of thyroid disorders, or those looking to prevent future thyroid dysfunction.  

Made from soft, stretchy, knitted cotton/poly blend with 35% pure silver fibers, this neck shield easily slips on over the head and provides incredible 45 dB shielding.  

Care: Hand or spot wash as needed.  If desired you can use a mild/gentle soap with no bleach or softening agents.  Air dry.

To your health! 

xoxoxo, Laura

"I bought the neck shield a year or two ago to wear on airplanes. When Coronavirus hit, I started wearing it as my face covering- It’s outrageously breathable. I can’t STAND to wear masks but I can wear this over my face.  It truly has been self-cleaning- I would have never believed it had I not witnessed everyone else having breath-stink masks and getting mask acne, while I’ve stayed fresh-skinned and fresh-smelling:)"   - A.E.

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