Grounding and Shielding Tools For the Electrosensitive & EHS

E-Field Detection Meter -- test your outlet to ground safely!
  • E-Field Detection Meter -- test your outlet to ground safely!
  • E-Field Detection Meter -- test your outlet to ground safely!

Make sure you check for the presence of electric fields before grounding!

AC current runs up the line of all standard ground cords (yes all the cords sold on the market with every other grounding product in every other store except the PureGround cord carries this AC current!  So if you got a cord from another company and are not using the white PureGround cord, it is running an AC current up the line to your grounding tool and directly to you!)

So always check before grounding with an electric field meter.  If you find there is a detectable EMF field emanating from your grounding outlet, simply use a PureGround EMF filtering and shielding cord to protect yourself from this exposure.

This extremely simple and effective electric field detector alerts user to the presence and strength of AC electric fields, with these features:

  • Distinguishes 5 levels of electric fields: <10, 10+, 40+, 80+, and 250+ V/m.
  • Provides audible tone whose loudness correlates with the strength of the electric field  
  • Compact size  (4.5 x 1.5 inches) and very lightweight
  • Uses one 9V battery (not included)
  • Comes with protective sleeve for easy storage and transport

Check for the presence of live wires, body voltage inducing electric fields, or broken circuits. Also, use it to demonstrate the effectiveness of electric field shielding. 

And sign up to be a part of my Safe Grounding Coalition for more updates on how to stay safely grounded in an increasingly electro-polluted world right here.

To safe grounding practices! 

xoxoxo, Laura

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