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Sleep Easy: Bedtime Connection Children's Picture Book
  • Sleep Easy: Bedtime Connection Children's Picture Book
  • Sleep Easy: Bedtime Connection Children's Picture Book

Perfect for parents who want a gentle bedtime story to ease the nighttime transition, Together We Sleep is a very special book. 

A 50 page, beautifully illustrated picture book, Together We Sleep fills a much needed gap of literature for parents.  This book focuses on nighttime connections between a parent and child.

With a gentle, rhythmic text and images of animals and people all over the world snuggling together to fall asleep, this book is sure to have your child relaxing into bed.

In the back of the book there is a reference section filled with ideas on easing the nighttime transition, written by physician Laura Koniver, MD.

From discussing why nighttime is such an important time to bond and connect with your child, as well as a nice list of great ideas for you to implement tonight to begin to soothe the evening routine, Together We Sleep is a must have book for children and parents alike.

While many parenting experts encourage sleep sharing and a nighttime soul connection in adult books, there are no picture books illustrating how natural and beautiful it is to sleep as a family.

This book has filled that important need. 

Perfect as a baby shower gift, a gift for new parents, for seasoned parents looking for fresh new ideas to ease the bedtime struggles, or for attachment parenting fans everywhere. 

So grab your snuggly little one and read this book together... tonight. 

 xoxo, Laura 

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"Thank you for adding a lovely, nurturing, normalizing and gentle look at bedsharing in all of it's cozy glory.  The bedsharing community at large celebrates you!"  

                                                 - Mayim Bialik, actress, author and AP leader

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