Grounding and Shielding Tools For the Electrosensitive & EHS

De-Stress& Reboot Gift Set: Unwind after a long hard day
  • De-Stress& Reboot Gift Set: Unwind after a long hard day
  • De-Stress& Reboot Gift Set: Unwind after a long hard day
  • De-Stress& Reboot Gift Set: Unwind after a long hard day

In this fast-paced, artificially-lit, EMF-pulsing stressful world, it's almost impossible to find the quiet, to go within, feed your dreams, and re-align your soul.

But if we don't re-connect with our own inner needs, touch base with what our soul feels good about and nurture our own desires, we will arrive at the end of our lives wondering what we did with it all.

Do not dare spend one more solitary day out of contact with your own inner desires.  Self care is absolutely mandatory if you want to give of yourself and care for others and contribute.  It's not selfish, it's required.  

To help you turn inwards and connect with your own soul knowings, I've created this little gift set that is perfect for anyone who is feeling a little bit (or a lot bit) burnt out.  Including yourself, if you are the one that needs a little encouragement to take time for some TLC.

The De-Stress & Reboot Set includes:

1.  Healing Daily Card Set -- This simple tool will help you give you a daily health focus in a totally fun, uplifting and effortless way.  I filled these cards with my very favorite holistic healing tips, to give you a quick and easy healing focus-of-the-day. The cards feature pictures I have taken and paintings I have painted, paired with healing prompts I use often in my own medical practice with my patients.  Each day, you simply pick a new card and get a new healing prompt that will boost your alignment with Well Being.  It's an idea deck for health!

  • 82 different cards = 82 different holistic health ideas
  • Each card measures 2.75" x 4.75" and is printed on 300gsm cardstock with a blue core centre to reduce card transparency and a glossy smooth exterior finish. 
  • Packaged in a sturdy reusable box.


2.  Relaxing Magnesium Lotion --  My favorite natural muscle relaxant is topical magnesium -- naturally release stress from your body by massaging this healing emollient topical lotion in after bathing.

  • All natural, GMO-free, made right here in the USA
  • Harvested through Solar Evaporation from Utah's ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake, which is naturally high in Ionic Magnesium Chloride
  • 72 ionic trace minerals to nourish and balance the skin
  • Infused with Aloe and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate and citrus Oils to firm and brighten.  
  • pH balanced, gluten free, allergen free, no artificial scents or colors
  • 12 fl. oz, pump dispenser
3.  Hardcover Journal -- I often counsel my patients to write daily... helping them support their intuitive growth, helping to off gas old emotions and heal the body, and helping to express their inner truths.  I've put my original artwork on the front to remind you that every moment is a new moment, and healing potential always flowing into us.
  • Hardcover, featuring original healing artwork painted by Dr. Laura Koniver 
  • 6" x 8" in size
  • 150 lined pages
  • attached bookmark ribbon included 
  • uplifting reminder on back:
For me to do today:
get grounded, stay hydrated, sleep deeply, allow loving touch
For the Universe to handle:
everything else
4.  Let It Go Post-It Notepad -- I personally custom created this Daily Wellness notepad for my own use, so that I could have a plan of action and instantly de-stress when feeling overwhelmed.  I made extras to share with you as well!
  • Authentic 3M Post-it® Note Pad
  • 10" x 6" with an adhesive side along the top 10" edge
  • 50 sheets per pad
  • Printed in full color on genuine Post-it® Notes paper
  • Reduce stress and over-thinking by jotting down your To Do list, release that which you have little-to-no control over by filling out the prayer request section, keep track of how many hours of sleep you get, reminders to touch the earth each day, move your body each day, and hydrate throughout the day...  This Let-It-Go notepad is an easy, no stress, non-intimidating way to get into good daily routines, like daily hydration, daily grounding, daily exercise, and prioritizing time at night for sleep


    Take a moment each night before bed to pick a healing focus card, journal your day's experiences and goals, release your to-do list, and deeply relax your body with a magnesium lotion massage.

    Ahh... now doesn't that feel better?

    To deep, soulful healing...

    xoxoxo, Laura

    PS -- consider adding on a Healthy Routines Dry Erase-board to keep you on course and reminding you to do a little self care every day.  Anything in this kit would count for you "did you do something to nurture yourself today?" category!  

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