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Organic Shielding Throw Blanket
  • Organic Shielding Throw Blanket
  • Organic Shielding Throw Blanket
  • Organic Shielding Throw Blanket
  • Organic Shielding Throw Blanket
  • Organic Shielding Throw Blanket

Sit with your laptop on your lap on the sofa or in bed?  

Lay in bed scrolling through your cell phone before going to sleep?

Travel often and have your laptop right on your lap at the airport or train station?  

Man, women or child, you absolutely need to protect your internal organs from man-made radiation.  Medical studies on animals have shown that it takes as little as 4 months to start to see abnormal organ changes including cardiomyopathy, liver changes, pancreatic changes, adrenal tumors, DNA damage and more.  

And if you are pregnant or thinking of ever becoming pregnant, you absolutely have a duty to protect your reproductive organs and developing fetus (and their rapidly growing brain!) from unnecessary radiation exposures.  

The is the exact shielding blanket that I use as I work often with my laptop on my lap.  And this is the exact shielding blanket that my teenagers used as they did schoolwork on their computers as well.  

These throw blankets are made out of a whisper soft organic cotton with a 100% all natural, pure silver and all natural raw silk backing that shields incredibly well... providing greater than 45-55dB shielding from 10MHz through 4 GHz.  

This fabulous shielding throw is super soft, lightweight enough for summertime use, nontoxic to the earth and to you, and completely safe for skin contact. 

The perfect throw to protect your body as you work on your laptop, to sleep with all night long, to protect yourself from radiation while you travel (the smaller throw size makes it easy to fold up and pack!) or to have on the sofa for anyone to use to shield themselves from radiation while watching TV, using a cell phone, playing video games, etc...

The entire back of the blanket shields you all the way from edge to edge.  Blanket measures 4 ft square, plenty of length to protect and shield you all the way from the thyroid gland in your neck down past your reproductive organs and every major organ system in-between.  

Shielding works at all times and is instantaneous, as simple as draping it over your body.  

Shielding Throw Blanket features:

  • 4' x 4' (48" square) 100% organic white cotton blanket
    • Shielding lining fabric is 100% natural, made from only pure silver and all natural raw silk fibers 
    • Fully hemmed & stitched on all edges -- protects from edge to edge
    • 45-55dB shielding from 10MHz all the way up to 4 GHz and beyond

    xoxo, Laura

      **Please allow up to 4 weeks for all handcrafted items, including these shielding throw blankets, to be custom sewn in the USA just for you.  Please be aware that custom sewn items are not returnable**

    is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.