Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Mattress Shield -- blocks radiation sources underneath your bed
  • Mattress Shield -- blocks radiation sources underneath your bed
  • Mattress Shield -- blocks radiation sources underneath your bed

To keep our natural resiliency protected, I highly recommend making your bed a sanctuary from all sources of biological stress, including stress from radiation sources.  

I highly recommend sleeping shielded at night, so that your body enjoys hours and hours of peace, recovery and repair all night long, helping to mitigate the stress from EMF exposures during the day that you can't remove.  If you work around computers, use a cell phone all day long, or are electrohypersensitive, those hours of sleep are a precious time to give your body a break from the eSmog assault it endures during waking hours.  

While shielding blankets and shielding coverlets are wonderful at protecting you against RF exposures in bed from top and sides, I prefer 360 degrees of protection surrounding you, which means adding shielding underneath you as well.  

Made from microfine stainless steel fibers woven in a cotton/poly blend, this mattress shield has highly effective shielding capabilities, providing 30 - 40 dB attenuation all the way up to an exceptionally impressive 40 GHz  -- WOW!!! -- which includes protection from cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves, TV radiation, WiFi, radar, etc...

Mattress shield lays flat underneath your sheets and can be placed either under your mattress, between your mattress and box spring, or simply on top of mattress underneath a fitted sheet or mattress topper, to block EMFs from underneath you.  Essential if you live on a multilevel home with exposures beneath you.  

3 sizes to suit all mattress types:

  • Twin/Twin XL: 37" x 75"
  • Full/Queen: 58" x 75"
  • King/CA King: 74" x 80"

Care:  Washing not required but spot clean or hand wash as desired with mild soap (baby shampoo is perfect) and air dry.  

To protecting your natural resilient health!  xoxo, Laura 

**Please allow up to 4 weeks for all handcrafted items, including these mattress shields, to be custom sewn in the USA just for you.  Please be aware that custom sewn items are not returnable**


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