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Router Guard -- decrease radiation without slowing internet speed
  • Router Guard -- decrease radiation without slowing internet speed

Your router is pumping out way more radiation, throughout your entire home and work space, than your computer and cell phone need to function.  

In most homes you can get away with 1/10th or even 1/100th of the power they provide. So why irradiate yourself and your family with all that extra (and unnecessary) radiation?  

There was absolutely no loss of connectivity in my home or in my office when I installed my router covers, and I felt instantly better.  

So easy to use -- literally just slip the router guard over your router and the radiation in your living space will be reduced by about 90%, but still allow your router to function without losing speed.  

Special shielding fabric allows plenty of air flow and very easily slips over the entire router. Installs in seconds. No need to disconnect your router or interrupt service.

Cords still run right out of the open end of the cover, and you can adjust it to meet your needs.  If you want a bit less shielding, just allow a small opening at the base. By varying the size of the opening, you can adjust the amount of signal "leakage" -- you are in charge of the radiation that your router emits.  If you want fuller coverage, just fold the open end under and you are fully covered, while still having a fast internet connection.

Available in standard size (10 inches x 16 inches) which is sized for most routers, or large (16 x 17 inches) for extra large routers or other devices you want to reduce radiation from!  Measurements taken with router cover lying flat -- size up to give room for the router to slip into the bag if debating between sizes.

For additional protection, I highly recommend plugging your router into this outlet timer -- set it once and forget it!  I have mine set to turn off my router at 10 PM each night and automatically turn back on a 6 AM each morning so it's ready to use, but my body gets an 8 hour complete break from high frequency radiation all night long!  You can absolutely notice a difference in your sleep with this.

xoxox, Laura

**please note, custom sewn orders (like this router guard) are made specifically for you upon ordering.  Please allow up to 4 weeks to have your item custom sewn. Custom sewn items are not eligible for return, as outlined in my return policy here.***

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