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Outlet Kill Switch: Quiets EMFs As If Uplugged
  • Outlet Kill Switch: Quiets EMFs As If Uplugged
  • Outlet Kill Switch: Quiets EMFs As If Uplugged

Did you know that even when your appliances are off, the cord is still actively emitting a powerful and measurable electrical field?  

It's true, even when you turn your bedside lamp off, the cord has a current actively radiating harmful electrical fields that impact your body all night long.  

Because is not recommended to spend long periods of time in these electrical fields, be sure when you are sleeping you are not sleeping next to any cords, or simply add these kill switches to your bedside lamps and any other cords in your sleeping area.  

This kill switch will completely stop all current from running up the line and is as effective as completely unplugging the appliance, while still making it super easy to switch right back on.

Allows you to turn appliances on/off at the outlet to protect your health!  

Awesome for reducing energy consumption (saves your electrical bill) use on any appliances that you are sleeping or sitting next to for long periods of time, and use on any appliances that you want to completely kill at night (for example, your router) and simply flip back on the next morning!  Win win!

  • Better than turning off your appliance, this kill switch removes all electrical fields from running up the cord -- as good as if you had completely unplugged it!
  • Easily creates an on/off switch in an appliance that doesn't have one 
  • Easy to install -- simply plug it in
  • Easy to use on/off switch -- just like a regular light switch, you flip it up and it's on, flip it down and it's off
  • UL Listed with an electrical rating of 15A, 120VAC, and 1800Watts
  • Grounded so you can use with appliances that require a ground prong: instantly shutting off the WiFi at night, turning holiday lights on and off, use on grounded power strips to stop electrical fields from running up an entire row of cords with one flip of a switch!


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