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Breathe Deep -- Lung Anatomy original artwork
  • Breathe Deep -- Lung Anatomy original artwork

There is a reason why, when we come into this world, everyone waits for the baby to take that first breath of air.

That's the breath of life!

That's the sign that we are healthy, that we are strong, that we are alive!

It occurred to me, when I was working with a patient on his breathing issues, that our lungs remind me very much of wings.

And if we would lean on them when we need to be uplifted, they can carry us far.

if you don't think breathing impacts your health, you should try a transcendental breathing class... now there is a great way to feel more expansive and more free than you have felt in a long, long time!

So I told my patient to take a big deep breath of air as if he were stretching out his wings behind him, imagining his lungs filling, his shoulder blades growing wings, and his arms reaching out and up as if he were about to take flight.

I liked that image I had in my mind of our lungs filling and turning into wings so much I wanted to paint it!

So I did.

I grabbed my medical school anatomy book (hard to believe I used that over 20 years ago now!  Wowza how time flies!) and got to work, sketching out the lungs and trachea on a canvas.

And painting them in.

And this original artwork is the result.

Fantastic for a yoga or meditation area to remind you to stop and breathe...

...or even in your closet to see as you get dressed each morning (I have mine hanging above my desk because that is where I tend to slouch the most…) can even have this artwork custom printed on a canvas and gallery wrapped at any size, see options below!



(Watermark does not appear on the professionally printed, 200+ year archival quality acid free Giclee prints!)


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