Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients
  • ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients
  • ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients
  • ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients
  • ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients
  • ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients
  • ProPack Kits: Grounding Therapy For Your Clients

For those who offer services in the healthcare and wellness industry, adding grounding to your normal services offers an entirely new dimension of support to your clients -- and it's a positive outcome they can immediately feel!  

Within seconds of being grounded, your client's muscle tension decreases, their brain waves automatically switch into a healing pattern, while their body enjoys an immediate vagal tone boost -- breaking free from fight-or-flight mode and dropping into rest and digest healing.  

In this state, any work you do becomes deeper:

  • whether it is mental or psychological work like counseling, talk therapy, CBT, life coaching, etc...
  • whether it is bodywork like massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic work, etc...
  • or if it is energetic work like reiki, qigong, hypnotherapy or other healing modalities

...getting the body and mind into a receptive healing state is one of the hallmarks of grounding.  Even a 10 minute session is enough to reap health benefits, and a 30 minute or 60 minute session allows for even more progress.   

This pro pack is a great, hygienic, cost effective way to offer to up level your services (and make a boosted income from) adding on grounding to any treatment you are already doing.  This can also encourage a customer or client to continue the grounding journey at home (so if you are an affiliate who offers my eco-ethical grounding tools to your clients this is a great way for them to try out grounding to see how it works!)

Available in sets of 10, 25, or 50 grounding pads, these ProPack Kits include medical grade, sterile, individually wrapped grounding pads (these are the same pads used in surgery to ensure the patient is safely grounded throughout the procedure) with a grounding gel surface of 3.5" x 5".  

These pads can be individually applied during your healing session and then disposed of for each client, maintaining strict hygienic standards.  Kits are available with a 10 ft reusable indoor ground cord and an outlet tester, or a 30 ft outdoor ground cord with 9" stainless steel ground stake for grounding directly to the earth outside, in both standard cord versions or the PureGround EMF Filtering Ground Cord versions (find out more about the PureGround cord here). You can also order bulk quantities of grounding pads alone, without cords, as a refill set.

A fabulous, low cost way to add the benefits of grounding to your services -- not only will this help you stand out from local competitors who do not offer grounding, but it will truly improve your clients health. You can comfortably add an additional fee on top of your "ungrounded" set prices at whatever price point you like -- costing you only $2.50 a pad, you can comfortably double your pricing for doing your services grounded -- this is a win-win-win way of catapulting your client's healing as well as offering a unique wellness service to your community and simultaneously increasing revenue without doing anything more than adding a grounding patch to your customer during their service.  



Enjoy offering this unique healing boost and doubling the variety of services you offer, instantly!  

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