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Conductive Fitted Sheet - A Zero Resistance Grounding Accessory
  • Conductive Fitted Sheet - A Zero Resistance Grounding Accessory
  • Conductive Fitted Sheet - A Zero Resistance Grounding Accessory
  • Conductive Fitted Sheet - A Zero Resistance Grounding Accessory
  • Conductive Fitted Sheet - A Zero Resistance Grounding Accessory

Can't find any all natural fitted sheets to go on top of your Grounding Mattress Panel or Carbon Mattress Band that will allow grounding to go through? 

Many fabrics contain synthetic elements and chemical coatings (such as fire retardants and small percentages of man made fibers for stretch) and they don't even include this in the labeling... yet this has disastrous effects on conductance.  

I've got you covered. 

I have these soft, durable microfiber sheets custom sewn with a stainless steel insert that will allow and help distribute the grounding healing flow directly from your Grounding Mattress Panel or the Carbon Mattress Band all over the foot of the bed so that you never are cut off from grounding ever again!

I chose stainless steel fabric for the insert because unlike inferior silver based conductive fabrics, you never have to worry about washing destroying the conductance of the fabric. 

Stainless steel will never lose conductivity and is the material of choice in hospital and doctor's offices world wide for it's ability to retain function wash after wash after wash. 

Simply install the Grounding Mattress Panel or Carbon Mattress Band across your mattress at the foot of your bed, and secure in place with this Conductive Fitted Sheet, placing the conductive strip directly over the mattress panel, as seen in the third photo. 

And that's it!  No wires or plugs on the fitted sheet at all! 

As simple to use as any regular fitted sheet, but has super high quality grounding material across the foot of the sheet. 

Must be used with a grounding tool underneath -- the conductive sheet  ensures that the grounding flow from the steel mattress panel or carbon mattress band underneath will reach you all night long with zero resistance!   Allows you to leave the grounding tool installed permanently in place under your sheets while you wash and change the sheet on top freely, without having to remove or re-install the grounding hardware.

The most secure way to know you are absolutely grounded and sleeping in a healing zone all night long.


  • Machine washable.  Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. 

  • Available in Twin, Full, Queen or King sizes. 

  • Comfort blend of microfiber with a stainless steel fabric insert. 

  • Deep sides allow for use with thick pillow top mattresses

  • Elastic the entire way around the bottom ensures this fitted sheet stays put and never slips off like lower quality fitted sheets.

  • Grab two (at a reduced price!) so you always have a fresh sheet ready for your bed!


 xoxo, Laura

***Please note:  To maintain strict medical hygiene standards, I can not accept refunds on used personal care items, including these conductive fitted sheets***


Customer feedback:

"We are loving the fitted sheets!  They are so comfy and it is helpful to know exactly where to place our feet.  The inset conductive piece targets the area perfectly and it washes beautifully!  With this method we don't have to worry about tracking down 100% cotton or satin pajamas.  We are very pleased with our purchase!"  - T.P.

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