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Healing Windchime: Artisan Handcrafted, Uplifting, Energizing
  • Healing Windchime: Artisan Handcrafted, Uplifting, Energizing

Deep breathing, meditation and mantra have all been medically proven to decrease pain, anxiety, depression, stress and even migraine frequency!  This is because all it takes is three deep breaths to boost your vagal tone and support your cardiac and brain function, even lower your blood pressure. 

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I provide these healing wind-chimes as a way to encourage taking deep breaths throughout the day -- literally I can think of very little that is as instantly uplifting as closing my eyes and gently oscillating this wind chime in front of me while I simply breathe.

These artisan hand crafted chimes are completely made by hand in a workshop in France, including the artwork on the outside of the chime.   the materials used are ecological & recyclable  - of EEG origin / standards - and the wooden parts are wax coated.

To use, simply hold the chime by its string,  and move it gently ... a  magic  play  of harmonies will  leave you feeling both deeply centered and uplifted.  With their relaxing  and  harmonizing  sound, these chimes are a wonderful tool for relaxation,  yoga & meditation, Feng Shui, sound-sessions and  other forms of healing therapy.

The  handy  size  of  these instruments  makes  them  easy  to  use and  play... I keep mine right on my desk and use it throughout my work day.  But also , suspended  in the doorway,  or  a window left open, a slight breeze will delight and energize you with playful melodies.  Although the  in-and outside parts of the chime have been protected  by a layer of eco-varnish & paint, it will not prevent the chime from the negative effects of weather conditions on the chime if left outside.  I highly recommend suspending the chime in a protected area if used outside, outside like under an overhanging roof, so the chime will continue to play its energizing melodies for many years to come!  

You can watch me use on in this video right here, although the audio doesn't capture the full magnitude of how beautiful the tones of this wind chime is!  



To hear a clear recording of the audio and experience how uplifting it is, click here.

I'd love to send a chime to you so you can feel the benefits for yourself!

xoxoxo, Laura


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