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Grounding Kit: Warm Winter Hands
  • Grounding Kit: Warm Winter Hands
  • Grounding Kit: Warm Winter Hands
  • Grounding Kit: Warm Winter Hands
  • Grounding Kit: Warm Winter Hands

My favorite way to stay grounded outside in the cooler months is to keep my feet toasty warm inside boots and simply touch the earth with my hands!  

When bare feet are no longer a sensible option, I switch to grounding through my fingertips.  Touching trees, rocks, cement, the ground and more all winter long, while my feet stay bundled up inside my two layers of socks and rubber soled waterproof snow boots!   Hands are so much easier than taking shoes on and off, and with two hands you can alternate them in your pockets if you start feeling cold.  

But better yet, use my Winter Hands Grounding Kit.  Just layer on some Warm Skin skin protectant (if you've never used it you need to -- I even use it on my face!  With Raynaud's Syndrome I can't make it through winter without my Warm Skin) and slip on my wool, made in the USA, fingerless gloves.  

Works every time.  My hands stay toasty warm and my fingers are still instantly available to ground any time, any place.

If you don't even want to have your fingertips open to the elements, simply slip on my one-size-fits all grounding gloves and you can ground directly through the conductive fabric.  No direct skin contact required.  The material itself becomes instantly grounded when it touches the earth, so your entire glove becomes immediately grounded.

For even more protection, layer the wool fingerless gloves right on top of your conductive grounding gloves and you will literally be set to ground all winter long directly outdoors no matter how much the temperature plummets.

When you come inside, lovingly care for your hands and get them prepped and ready to ground you again by cleaning your nails, sweeping any dry skin off of your hands with my comfortable, ergonomically designed solid cedar skin + nail brush, and then apply Burt's bees fabulous hand repair lotion.  

Ahhh... don't you feel better after getting outside and grounding, no matter what the season?


Collection includes:

- 100% natural boar bristle, ergonomically designed solid cedar nail brush

- 3 oz. all natural Warm Skin skin protectant cream (made in the USA)

- 1 oz. Burt's Bees Rosemary Lemon hand lotion (made in the USA)

- Conductive grounding gloves (made in the USA)

- Wool fingerless gloves (made in the USA)  select size:

Size chart:
Small: 6 1/2 inch - 7 1/2 inch palm circumference
Medium: 8 inch - 9 inch palm circumference
Large: 9 1/2 - 10 1/2 inch palm circumference
(**if between sizes, size down as these gloves run large!**)


All bundled up in a reusable tote, so it makes a beautiful holiday gift to introduce your loved ones to grounding.  Stay reaching out and touching the beautiful world around you no matter what the season or weather!  

xoxox, Laura 

P.S. Live in the lower hemisphere where it's getting warmer instead of colder?  I have an equally awesome summertime barefoot grounding kit for you right here:

Hop over here, it's available now!

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