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Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing
  • Organic Grounding Hot Water Bottle: 3-in-1 Healing

The world's first and only Grounded Hot Water Bottle, now made out of organic hemp fleece!!

For decades one of my ultimate go-to healing recommendations for patients is a hot water bottle, which combines the healing properties of water (the most intuitive medium on Earth!) with heat (the most holistic supportive therapy that helps relax, repair, and soothe aches and pains from head-to-toe!)

A hot water bottle significantly helps support the energetic repair and realignment of any discomfort you are experiencing -- headaches, muscle tension, soreness, cramps, back pain, neck pain, growing pains, sinus pressure, earaches, etc... because of the healing power of water combined with the energetic support of warmth, which increase circulation and speeds repair of the body's natural healing mechanisms.  

I talk about using the intuitive power of water and the natural therapy of heat and/or ice often on my blog, supporting everything from fibromyalgia recovery to a deeper more restorative night's sleep!  Now you can combine the power of water and the power of heat with the force of Mother Earth's natural healing flow to introduce three different, synergistic ways to exponentially support vibrant health and expedite your body's natural recovery process.

 Grounding the body has been shown to reduce head to toe inflammation, increase blood flow, reduce blood inflammatory markers, reduce cortisol levels and stabilize hormones, support thyroid function, support bone growth and repair, support deeper more restorative sleep, reduce pain, increase energy levels and much much more.

Applying this grounding healing flow from the earth and exponentially sky rocketing these effects by increasing localized blood flow (via warmth) and surrounding the area with intuitive energy release (via water) you have just given your body the best possible avenue for full and quick repair. 

I have these grounded water bottle cozy's handcrafted out of all natural materials, and pair it with my very favorite hot water bottle (Fashy hot water bottles, made in Germany -- the most heavy duty, leak-proof hot water bottles possible, in the new, updated honeycomb model.)  I specifically use a transparent Fashy hot water bottle so that you can see exactly how much water you are pouring into it -- this is very important to prevent overfilling and possible burns.  The hot water bottle cozy is also removable and hand or machine washable!

On top of that, for the ultimate in safety and security, I have added a 100k Ohm resistor into the cord, so that in the unlikely event of a lightening strike or other surge, your hot water bottle automatically completely disconnects and there is absolutely surge traveling to the grounded cover.  Only the healing, grounding flow of well being from Mother Earth allowed!

Fashy hot water bottles are BPA free and are 100% thermoplastic (no latex). These hot water bottles are suitable for hospital steam sterilization which is much hotter than boiling water, so there is no problem subjecting these bottles to boiling water.  Fashy hot water bottles can also be used with crushed ice in them to help with bruising or swelling.  These are extremely durable hot water bottles made in a molding machine which produces the product in one piece with no seams to crack or burst. There are no washers between the plug and the filler seat because the mold is engineered to very close tolerances and a washer is not needed to attain a complete seal.


  • Sleep all night long, grounded in warmth and healing energy.

  • Can also be used with ice water to safely apply ice to help circulate cool relief on hot summer days.

  • Put a grounded water bottle filled with ice water on your knee injury while you watch TV and feel the pain melt away.

  • Soothe your aching back with a grounded hot water bottle against it as you sit at your work desk and watch your productivity increase.

  • Use with ice to prevent muscle soreness after an intense work out. 

  • Use with soothing heat on your abdomen to safely decrease pain and inflammation with menstrual cramps, irritable bowel cramping, heartburn and more... all without using medications or risking any medication side effects!

  • Have a spare grounded water bottle in your first aid kit for countless emergency and first aid applications!

  • Ideal for use with children who have stomach aches, anxiety, ear aches, growing pains, etc... many parents report this is their child's favorite way to get grounded -- curling up with the grounded hot water bottle on their tummy while they watch a tv show or read a storybook on the sofa 

These grounded hot water bottle sets include:

a hand crafted, removable, washable hot water bottle cozy custom sewn with stainless steel, machine washable, conductive grounding fabric and organic hemp fleece, a BPA free, leak proof Fashy Hot Water Bottle with your choice of 4 different ways to ground, choose your cord option from the drop down menu below before adding to cart: 

  • a 10 ft standard indoor grounding cord
  • a 30 ft standard outdoor grounding stake
  • a 10 ft PureGround EMF protective filtering & shielding indoor ground cord 
  • a 30 ft PureGround EMF protective filtering & shielding outdoor grounding stake 
  • replacement cozy alone (no cords or ground stakes or hot water bottle, in case you already have these on hand)

 **Please allow up to 4 weeks for all handcrafted items, including this grounding water bottles cozy, to be custom sewn in the USA just for you.  Please be aware that custom sewn items are not returnable**

xoxoxox, Laura


"OMG! I'm so thrilled. My grounded water bottle came on Saturday. I LOVE IT!!!!!!I. It is AMAZING! First, it has your sweet loving, healing energy infused within it, then the water, healing water (I've been using hot water) and the warmth, it's so comforting and nurturing and then the grounding, the sweet mama earth energy. Yes!! So each night I've been filling it up and sitting with it during tv time then I take it to bed with me and sleep with it.   I had no idea how magical it would be. Thank you! I am grateful"   

- S.H.

"The hot water bottle cover is the best product you make!   We use it daily.  It moves around the house!  Either with the water bottle or without.  The water bottle cover doubles as a pillow cover.  Or wraps around shoulders.  I love how versatile it is!"

- S.L.

"I truly love the grounding hot water bottle. My sleep patterns have improved dramatically; rather than waking up for long periods around 3 or 4 in the morning with "crazy brain", I often don't wake at all.  If I do, I find that I can usually relax my mind and body quicker and fall back to sleep!"  

- J.F.

"I am inseparable from your hot water bottle.  I’ve been disabled since 2005 and on disability since 2008.  I am blown away by what I am experiencing.   What this knowledge and technology is doing for me is nothing short of a miracle.   Nothing short of a miracle.   I wake and get out of bed easier so far, I notice more strength in my body, clarity. There was always a “noise” in my body that is gone.  It is quiet."  
- J.A.


"Am in receipt of the Fashy and snugly cover.  First night, using cover across pillow, I slept 11 hrs. Good heavens.  Laura, thank you. "  
 - M.L


"I would like to tell you how much I love your grounding water bottle. I have a variety of grounding items from you, but the water bottle is by far my favorite. The bottle itself is really durable and is holding up very well.  But most importantly, I am so comforted by this product.  It has improved my sleep tremendously.  I use it every night, regardless of the temperature outside and I feel so good when I wake up! Filling the bottle and slipping it into my bed has become part of my bedtime ritual that I look forward to every night."


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