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MaryJane's Ideabook: Autographed Book -- Embrace A Grounded Lifestyle
  • MaryJane's Ideabook: Autographed Book -- Embrace A Grounded Lifestyle

 If I could emulate any woman on earth, one of my top choices would be MaryJane Butters.  MaryJane is an amazing woman (read her incredible life story here) and her Ideabook is one of my all time fav reads, which is why I begged her to carry her books here!  

Whether you simply need encouragement to embrace a more authentic, wholesome, outdoor based lifestyle or you’re looking for guidance on building a greenhouse, chopping firewood, caring for a flock of chickens, making your own butter, or growing a winter salad, MaryJane’s Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook for the farmgirl in all of us is both an inspiration and a practical road map for anyone looking to embrace the world outside their doorstep.

Farm kitchen recipes; make-it-easy how to’s; outpost advice; and old-fashioned tips, hints and values—with love, from MaryJane's farmhouse to yours. If you are looking for a huge wealth of ideas to get outside and get grounded, boosting your health without ever getting bored, you've found the perfect book. 

  • MaryJane's Ideabook comes personally autographed by MaryJane Butters herself
  • Hardcover, keepsake book
  • 416 pages with over 600 photographs and illustrations
  • published 2005

xoxoxo, Laura

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