Grounding & Healing Tools for the Electrosensitive

Earth Healing:  Resonate Through Sound Healing
  • Earth Healing:  Resonate Through Sound Healing
  • Earth Healing:  Resonate Through Sound Healing
  • Earth Healing:  Resonate Through Sound Healing

This is a weighted tuning fork, classically used in the medical field to detect fractures in bone as well as identify neurological deficits throughout the body.

These tuning forks are precisely calibrated to echo the Schumann Resonance of the earth, which emits a 7.83 Hz frequency -- a C note. 

 The earth's core frequency (the *heartbeat* of the Earth as shown in the healing documentary The Grounded -- see 4th picture to see the heartbeat of the earth via Cymascope) is incredibly calming to the body because it resonates with this grounding earth frequency and gets our body into the state of pure, positive healing. 

This frequency is the same frequency of our brain during deep restorative sleep and is the reason that both deep sleep and direct contact with the earth through the healing practice of grounding is so good for our health.

A third way we can get our body to resonate with the healing earth frequency is through use of sound healing -- using a tuning fork we can listen to the calming resonance of the earth by taking the C note of the earth's core and moving up several octaves so that it becomes audible to our ears (hence the 64 Hz or 128 Hz frequency of these Otto tuning forks) as well as by placing the tip of the vibrating tuning fork directly over parts of the body that are experiencing tension or stress or pain... or by placing it over a chakra area that you would like to facilitate healing flow through.

This Otto tuning forks have been shown in medical studies to facilitate the release of nitric oxide, a substance in our blood vessels known to relieve pain and promote relaxation and health as well as increase circulation, release muscle tension and stimulate nerve repair.

Because these tuning forks are weighted tuning forks, the vibration lasts longer than unweighted tuning forks. 

This kit comes with everything you need to use the resonance of the earth to heal, ground and calm your body, mind and soul:

  • an Otto 128 or 64 weighted tuning fork (select at check out)

  • a rubber striker to activate tuning fork

  • and a protective carrying pouch.


The Otto 64 is an octave deep C note (more calming, releasing) and the Otto 128 is a medium C note (more activating, healing.) 

xoxox, Laura

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