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Grounding Cuddle Blanket -- LIMITED QUANTITIES!
  • Grounding Cuddle Blanket -- LIMITED QUANTITIES!
  • Grounding Cuddle Blanket -- LIMITED QUANTITIES!
  • Grounding Cuddle Blanket -- LIMITED QUANTITIES!
  • Grounding Cuddle Blanket -- LIMITED QUANTITIES!
  • Grounding Cuddle Blanket -- LIMITED QUANTITIES!

I only have a very limited supply of these... throw blankets made out of a soft cotton poly blend -- feels like your very favorite sweatshirt turned into a blanket made to ground & heal you!  

Perfect size to keep on the sofa so you can ground while snuggling in all winter long, or for days you are feeling chilly, or fighting a bug during the cold and flu season, or even to take outside as a picnic blanket!  

2 inch wide soft carbon ribbon -- the cutting edge of carbon based grounding! -- wraps along the top edge of the blanket on both the front and back sides... simply clip the included 8 ft grounding extension cord to either end of the carbon band and the entire band is powerfully grounded.  Touch the carbon ribbon and you are powerfully grounded too!  

Outside, the blanket will be automatically grounded once you lay it on the ground -- direct contact with the earth will ground the carbon ribbon along the edge of the blanket.  Now you can clip a grounding wrist & ankle band to the carbon ribbon and it will be automatically grounded too!  In fact, multiple people can sit on the blanket with you and clip their wrist/ankle bands to the blanket as well and be grounded right along with you.

Stay safely grounded on top of the blanket away from ants, rocks, debris, poison ivy, etc... in summer, and stay warm and cozy and grounded snuggled up indoors in winter with this limited edition grounding blanket.

Blanket comes with:

  • 50" x 60" sweatshirt material soft blanket, fully machine washable
  • 8 ft grounding extension cord and grounding plug
  • Outlet checker to be sure your outlet is properly grounded
  • 2 inch carbon fiber grounding ribbon along top edge of the blanket on inside AND outside of the blanket for maximum opportunity for skin contact
  • Plus... any grounding item can be clipped onto this carbon band to be instantly grounded as well -- comes with a bonus grounding wrist band... clip on additional grounding wrist bands or other grounding tools as desired!  You can even clip on a grounding hot water bottle and it will be grounded too -- no need to run an additional cord to an outlet!
  • Fully hemmed & double-needle stitching
  • Forrest green color
  • Custom printed grounding logo printed in one corner:

Keep calm and get grounded! 

You can use this grounding blanketl indoors and out, anywhere in the world -- simply add on a grounding outlet adapter by clicking here!

Makes an incredible, thoughtful and supportive holiday gift... or gift it to yourself!

To a cozy and healthy winter!  

xoxo, Laura

is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now and I will ship it to you immediately after it becomes available again.